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I.  Is table tennis destroying American youth  2.  Ten things you didn’t know about pumpkin seeds  3.  The real harm lurking in storage batteries  4.  An open dialogue on why hotel doorman and elevator operators are silently disappearing  5.  Are you still eating glazed doughnuts  6.  You are frying fish all wrong   7.  Why all zoos need to be phased out of existence   8.  What happened to tooth powder and plaid shoe laces  9. Why are sardines still being packed the same way as they were fifty years ago  10.  The conspiracy to disrupt the manufacturing of metal shoe horns  11.  Shouldn’t you introduce truffles into your diet  12.  Learning to bowl on a budget  13.  What comes after plastic


One Comment

  1. Yes, the most erudite conversation: are you still eating glazed donuts? has the most appeal; hopefully you have a syllabus my colleagues can use?


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