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If you are a tourist or a passer-by an onlooker a peeping tom a casual observer or a key witness for the prosecution and have nowhere in particular to go and have no suitcase luggage bed roll lunch box sack bag or knapsack pre-wrapped lunch or overfilled laundry basket welcome aboard the Monongahela River Boat Flotilla And Main Sewage Barge connecting West Pennsylvania to North Central West Virginia along the Allegheny Plateau for no good reason Special discounts given to all misfits mutes mutants and residents living in Maryland and Massachusetts  Come join us for the annual Bock Secret Larger Beer Recipe Revival and Celebration  honoring dysfunctional addicts lost cheerleaders and busted former Boy Scouts of America Remember as always all survivors of the Harper ‘s Ferry Massacre will be given free passage and a pair of Buster Brown vintage shoes compliments from the Friends of Gitmo Inmates and Lost Boys of the Sudan Amalgamated  This offer may not be duplicated replicated implicated or complicated predated or updated or overstated


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  1. The coalitions formed here are so, so invigorating. A cruise on a sewage barge uniting these diverse people is only enhanced by the lovely gift produced by prisoners and refugees. No wonder the offer is limited, I mean unheard of.


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