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Well let us see now We got the Dark Ages low wages inaccurate gauges the Sorbonne a cummerbun a steak well done and there’s General Petraeus people who betray us and office nurses who weigh us Let’s note lots of casadias lots of Marys and lots of Marias and lots of people who are always glad to see us the limbo a bimbo people who dance the mumbo the Taliban Yucatan a trash can Jiminy Cricket a giblet and Kismet too Then there’s tasks that have a high priority the vast majority and all those who are in the minority plus scads of poodles noodles and hand drawn doodles Pebble Beach a night owl screech and things that are just out of reach A papyrus a cold a virus and things that are hydrus And oh yes we have a calculated risk tomato bisque a slipped disk and brown gravy hair that is wavy the Japanese Navy slum lords bungee chords rapid streams and fiords I think we can find fumigators regulators insulators and here and there some instigators cribbage heads of cabbage your baggage tons of garbage and loads of useless verbage I think We in addition have people with poor nutrition athletes in prime condition and those accused of gross sedition We got Australia with its vast interior those who feel inferior and all those ghastly people who feel totally utterly superior and we got boot straps folding maps baseball caps and bobbie traps  a moisturizer a neutralizer and Wilhelm I believe he was known as the Kaiser Well you see I am out of steam it’s been a dream That’s it for now I bid you a dew I bid you chow


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  1. Take stock? Tick tock there’s a lock on the clock so time must take stock while I digest this dilemma, oy got in hemmel.


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