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Are you indisposed or inane inappropriate or inadequate Might you be slightly insensitive intractable a bit too intense or intoxicated intrusive or a tad inapproachable Is your position incomprehensible indefensible inflexible or invalid May I ask if you are insolvent incapacitated indecisive totally indifferent or terribly indignant Do you feel inconsequential a shade incoherent incomplete or maybe ineffective inept inundated or insipid or impatient You might be insane or too intense or intoxicated or too intrenched for your own good you know Perhaps you are indisposed at the moment or indiscreet or far too inexperienced or feeling ingracious or incapable or inexact Perhaps your testimony is inaccurate or inadmissible your pronouncements too indirect your thoughts too incendiary too intolerant inconsistent or absolutely incorrect You could be labeled inapt or guilty of inaction or overly incisive Whew ! I’m all in


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