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A sure-fire list : A hot toddy work that is shoddy an action lobby warped speed Scottish tweed  Apollo Creed Internal Affairs the Chicago Bears donuts and eclairs or you could try movies with Marlon Brando cars repaired with Bondo clothes that look so so or Swiss army knives battered housewives cats with nine lives derbys doozies herpes Scorpio Libra or Aires Then you could always use propaganda an open agenda that snake the anaconda or Chad or Uganda or constipation your occupation or some sort of a suspicious situation or you could go with public galleries the effects of too many calories the downside of inequities subjects that are hard to understand a headband your backhand the promised land your neighbor Gonzalez people who offer solace some guy called Wallace or guys looking ratty people who are absolutely positively batty or young girls who are catty As a last resort I offer Punch and Judy  swag or booty your sworn duty or all the times you were bitten all the times you felt smitten or all the death threats you have written You could offer discourse on those patients who constantly feel nauseous  or those frightened souls who are overly cautious or those who have no conscious famous leaders who were subtle speakers who are prone to muddle couples who like to cuddle or football players who huddle  or those who deftly articulate those who loudly demonstrate or those artists who ably illustrate or you could possibly mention mountain bikes all them cute little tykes your personnel likes mismatched crockery armed robbery or high class snobbery Your pet giraffe or the time you came down with staph or the dire consequences of God’s wrath I think you’ll do just swell If not well at least you will have tried so what the hell


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