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You might meet Eunice in Tunis or somebody might phone ya while you are in New Caledonia or you might get some sores in the Azores Try to avoid a hassle as you travel through New Castle You could pace the floor in Ecuador or find a thrill inside Brazil or visit a spinster in Westminster or you just might trip over a bucket just outside of Nantucket You might meet an epileptic in the Baltic or lose your comb one morning in Noam or experience dizzy spells in the heart of the Dardanelles You might learn how to cook during your visit to Tobruk or practice saying dunka in Sri Lanka or scrub your feet in a hotel in Crete or skirt disaster in Lancaster You might have a fling in Beijing or find a brand new penny on the streets of New Guinea You could get a boo boo somewhere in Honolulu or order a steak that’s hard to chew in a restaurant in Oahu You might you just might


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