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Let us talk about climate change people who are strange dogs with the mange a free and open exchange and those who live amongst clutter and love to rearrange Let us discuss extenuating factors classic famous actors our opponents our detractors Let us note the island of Madagascar the joy of the family car the many uses of coal-tar and those amateur boxers who hang out in gyms for a chance to spar  Let us talk about acid acidity all the changes around us that happen with rapidity the closeness of all that humidity or the advantages of liquidity Let us entertain discourse on some far east traditions the crumbling world-wide conditions or a few of your most favorite first editions or London or Paris or any foreign heiress or some damsel you happen to know who is in mortal distress We could chat about a fading empire a dream of yours a secret desire or the name of a hit man for hire or the fate of some athletes who waited too long to retire Above all let us strive for a continued friendly discussion void of fear from rebuke or hostile repercussion Perhaps we could practice in some exotic language maybe even in Russian


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