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May I help you sir “Yeah sure Got any nostalgia  ” Let me see Nostalgia nostalgia….nostal…gia What kind of nostalgia did you have in mind sir  ” Yesteryear Yesteryear is what I’m looking for ” Alright let me see here Yesteryear yesteryear umm yester   year  Nope sorry we’re fresh out of yesteryear I’m afraid  ” Well so what do you have ”  Well sir there’s A LONG TIME AGO  there’s ERR WE FORGET’s popular we got THERE WAS A TIME WHEN is still good  and IT USED TO BE is rather nice Then there’s WHY I CAN REMEMBER ONCE and I always liked IT USED TO BE  and WHY I CAN RECALL   WAY BACK THERE  YOU KNOW IT SEEMS LIKE ONLY YESTERDAY are two of our best Finally there’s YOU SHOULD’DA BEEN THERE  this week’s special ” Got any BACK IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS ”  Nostalgia

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