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A box of Corollas to that gentleman in the balcony Have you smoked a Corolla to-day A Corolla Hand wrapped leaf rolled sun roasted fuel injected flame retarded termite resistant Segar from Kubah Grab that flamethrower Set fire to that Corolla Sit back and choke A death certificate with every box of  Corolla cigars you buy to-day only A Corolla The nearest thing to black lung disease on the planet Don’t start a house fire without a Corolla  Throat cancer patients across America smoke a Corolla two to one over any other cigar You want nicotine You want carcinogens you want a short life span You want a Corolla You need a Corolla Ever time you buy a Corolla we’ll  puncture the lungs of some little kid playing  sand lot football Come to Kubah Visit our fire trap factory  visit our unventilated smoke filled lunchroom Pray with our sick dying workers making a Corolla for you amigo


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