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Name’s Rambo I go to the rodeo listen to the radio cook with Crisco get some Brillo eat an Oreo  I might make some Jello use my mojo go to Conoco shop at Costco chase a dingo hug a hippo stay clear of a rhino play some bingo drink some espresso visit the Alamo stand with my arms akimbo play the banjo or the piccolo eat at a bistro have a burrito and hunt the buffalo I also would like to dance at a disco with an Eskimo or my friend she’s Filipino season with cilantro  smoke a cigarillo  order a combo drive a demo build a condo with a nice gazebo gamble at a casino or live in the ghetto vote for a Latino cut up a mango take a memo and learn from a maestro listen to Ringo run with the Navajo play some polo fly solo over Ohio or maybe Oslo learn how to throw a lasso or a bolo build a silo fry up a potato and try to grow a tomato Maybe I’ll move to Soho get me some pistachio or fire a salvo or one of them torpedos Could sing in a trio maybe in Rio Think I’ll just stay low and hang  out on my patio with some vino and watch a video and munch on a taco


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