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Raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour What Are you crazy You can’t give those poor slobs more money so they can lift their heads up You can’t do that Listen to all the well heeled The well off Listen to ’em cry Think of all those people who are going to lose their jobs over this Think of higher prices for every thing you buy No think instead of the  CEO’s who are getting something like twenty-three percent salary increases Millions and millions of dollars This is beyond belief It’s a crime It’s not right It’s financial tyranny It’s unjust It’s disgusting Downright disgusting It’s a crime We can find millions and millions of dollars to spend for years and years and years to fight wars needless wars over seas but we can’t find a way to fund a free college education here at home for everyone who wants to better themselves their families their country No we can’t do that It’s a crime It’s a crime to let someone hold public office twenty thirty years It’s a terrible thing It’s horrible It’s a crime And who is responsible for all this YOU AND ME WE ARE TO BLAME IT’S A CRIME




  1. Amen!!!


  2. Exactly…just take a look in the mirror if you want to see who’s to blame. Then continue to complain…’cause that’s a lot easier than doing anything! 😉


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