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Do you own acreage do you have a bandage any baggage or some coinage or a corsage maybe some foliage Are you faced with a shortage or seepage or shrinkage or spoilage or sewage or an outage or blockage Ever been involved with carnage ever suffer damage or spend time in an orphanage or a small village or in camouflage Ever experience stoppage or boil a cabbage or lose a package or ride in a carriage or own a brokerage or buy a bird-cage or figure amperage or been in a rampage or collect rubbage or salvage Ever do decoupage or make a collage Ever figure your mileage or pay postage or reckon windage Ever been confronted with an overage or held hostage or had to pay homage  or had to scavage or fend off a savage Well then I guess you have me at a disadvantage


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