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Words words floating in and out Fresh water trout kids who pout people who shout Words words all about What do they mean what’s it all about People with neuritis people who deride us people who would divide us Things that are intangible things that are manageable people who are but a vegetable unimaginable unstable unable Words words found in a dictionary some just ordinary and look it’s only February and here you terry unafraid unwary things that we find fulfilling oil drilling creme filling winds that are chilling God willing thirty day billing Words words words floating here and there  Words like ballistics erotics caustics and oil slicks and words lots of words such as people who stare nurses who care a cut a tear your fair share and IEDs children who sneeze those who never say  please split peas afternoon teas a deep freeze a time to seize cream cheese Words words just words piling up in mounds blood hounds loose rounds kings and crowns ball gowns strange sounds Words words words all in my head Am I alive or am I dead or am I Joe or am I Fred And there’s a homestead Steady as you go aglow grass to mow pictures to show and crops to grow Are you useless restless are you tireless are you relentless Do you have the rent are you overspent can you tell me which way they went Words I hear words words words


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