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What a name Happy Meals Who’s more happy The poor kids who shovel in all that sugar fat cholesterol and starch or the McDonald Corporation Man it’s McDonald’s They sell say twenty thirty forty happy meals out of every location they got every stinkin’ day of the year they are ecstatic  They’re doin’ corporate sommersaults all over the place Here they are poisoning all those poorly educated low energy fat little monsters like crazy and they’re getting paid with real USA minted duly authorized legal honest money They can’t say “Happy Meal to-day kid ” loud enough How many of these tiny imbeciles you think brush their teeth after that happy meal – ZERO ! None not one I’ll bet Know who else is happy I’ll tell you who Their family dentist that’s who If you look close enough I’ll bet you could find a dentist here and there that owns one or two of those McDonald’s drive-through mortuaries Happy meals are a trap After they got you hooked on Happy Meals you despite your lousy diet get older and zingo it’s time boys and girls for a full- fledged grown person’s dangerous anti-cardio  unwholesome lunch Let’s see now there’s the thirty-two ounce soda packed with seven hundred grams of sugar a double cheeseburger with enough cholesterol to plug  up the arteries of every child in kindergarten plus grades one and two some trans fats  for  good measure enough starch in those fries to iron and stiffen the collars of thirty-five dress shirts and with a boat load of carbohydrates and no tooth picks No tooth picks They don’t care if you rot your teeth out Move along bub NEXT!


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