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Let us talk Let’s chat about this and that about them and those about a fire hose I suppose Let’s discuss long distance the French Resistance the disabled who need assistance for instance We could speak about your gut reaction losing traction satisfaction or the opposing faction Let’s converse about your pay scale the gray white whale kelp and kale or places that are swampy mattresses that are lumpy retirees that are grumpy addicts whom appear jumpy Let’s have discourse about empires brush fires quagmires and how about tragic events that have transpired Let’s select something pacific those whom we regard as being terrific things that are horrific or writers who are prolific Maybe we should look at news that is ¬†morbid waters that are turbid or those who tend to overbid Let us evaluate those who are lean versus those who are too too well you know too fat perhaps like Jack B Nimble or like Jack Sprat I really think we should sit and chat about this and that Let’s chew the fat Let’s shoot the breeze Let’s talk


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  1. Let’s not talk and say we did


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