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No you don’t have to go to college to gain a little knowledge Just look around to see what there is to be found There’s esprit de corps lots of blood lots of gore an albacore and San Salvador one could explore There’s a short order cook a guilty look Pretoria and there’s Tobruk We got here all kinds of contents immigrants finger prints a ruse the color Chartreuse a muse certain costs to defray a moist spray a sachet border line anemia and hyperglycemia a common reality the theory of relativity your proclivity as well as preconceived notions hidden emotions and half whispered devotions Also there exists public housing people out carousing controlled portions extortions contortions women’s rights to abortions trifles ruffles scuffles rifles snaffles and little ones with the sniffles We got your carborundum those who appear glum a sore thumb funds that have been allocated things that are truncated points of view that are poorly stated the mid-town express a wound a compress and those who are often prone to second guess An eulogy an apology a prodigy epidemiology metal snaps mishaps people in relapse nightcaps opulence courses in self-defence and unreported auto accidents plus we got chaperones a skull and cross-bones payday loans Rice a Roni things that are real things that are phony RCA MGM and Sonny them Missouri mules high-test fuels NFL regulations and rules cross pollination indignation sudden resignation and all of the rest of God’s glorious creation


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