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Banks Man I haven’t been inside a bank in about fifteen twenty years I go for the drive through window You know what I sure would love to see Someone some dam Republican actually drive through one of those drive through windows Inside banks is dangerous Downright dangerous They got atomized condensed air conditioning Not regular natural air oh no AIR THAT’S BEEN CONDITIONED Conditioned for what I’d like to know Then there’s indirect reflected recessed frosted radiant LED mercury free low energy output non flickering  light resourcing fixtures and guards Unobtrusive  near-sighted guards eighty ninety years old wearing glasses Wearing glasses first made by Galileo and packing guns Big big guns The way these guys move id take ’em about two three hours to draw and get a bead on some innocent little old lady who just came in to steal a pen ya know Then they got those tellers in cages Glass and steel cages I was wondering if those cages were for the protection of those moron tellers or for the safety of the depositors from those overworked low paid college drop -out nomadic deeply depressed suicidal maniacs they hire off the streets to count money And water You thirsty They got ya They got distilled filtered aerated recapitulated water coming from copper-lined circulating pure rated water fountains next to a table loaded with little bitty recycled degradable disposable neoplastic free cups coated on the inside with some kind of carcinogenic coating that’s sure to give you cancer ten years later down the road I tell ya Banks Banks man I haven’t been inside a bank in about ………


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