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From a headline taken from : ” Loan shark loophole:  New regulation proposal won’t do enough to rein in predatory payday lenders consumer groups say “Here we have a congress with a very high percentage of lawyers and a lot of them have served (mostly poorly) for twenty years or more along with colleagues who are not lawyers and who have stumbled  around the halls of congress also for way way too long and yet together they have consistently written and passed bills chock full of loopholes from how far back is anyone’s guess And we the well-informed highly educated sharp-eyed voting public continued to reward these baffoons by re-electing them back into office time after time What the h is going on here





  1. What is going on is payday loan lobbyists giving that green stuff to the buffoons.


  2. My hand is out but nobody puts anything in it! Why! Close down Washington completely and fire everyone there. The people can do a better job by themselves without the buffoons. Except for the GOP,. You will have to bury them underground in cement vaults, because to do otherwise will prevent the flowers from growing.


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