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You don’t have to make a long trip or a tedious junket The stuff is all over the place Its starring you right in your face Stuff like nail polish a jar of relish people feeling hellish things looking grayish all those Amish a tussle a skirmish a rift a schism monotheism broken glass a prism a hurdy gurdy people over thirty structures that are sturdy and take another look you’ll find a saga Lady Gaga the kingdom of Tonga people who like to do the conga and there’s crisis intervention a ladder extension first place and honorable mention students void of all retention the hodie todie those who are past forty and those who are looking kinda sporty partial paralysis a through analysis and then we got wedded bliss the sinking of the Lusitania Pennsylvania the Soviet state of Mulvania phagocytes termites chigger bites and hunger strikes plus clinical research lost souls  left in the lurch the faithful who regularly attend church the bacteria Chlamydia citizens of Abyssinia footwear by Nike or Adidas and all our friends who are always glad to see us Now let us note that portion of the population that is highly educated those devastating diseases that have been completely eradicated all the youngsters who have not been properly vaccinated life-saving transfusions optical illusions the wrong conclusions and disruptive intrusions Bullet trains that travel at a high velocity those who espouse their own irrational philosophy and those who deliver a beautiful  eulogy Leave us now tack on little black beetles really sharp needles towering cathedrals the Northern Lights the Aurora Borealis Waco Houston and Dallas a nice decorative trellis and don’t forget and overlook all those who are mean who are cruel who are callous jazz greats like Lionel Hampton Miles Davis and Wynton Marsalis and we also got the Afghans moving vans trash cans hooligans vegans cardigans and all our mortal sins We can’t dismiss all those around the globe who at this very moment are coughing and choking and all of those who are just joking and all of those who can’t seem to stop smoking  I think it’s time to wrap this up to turn off the lights to lock it up to put it away That’s that That’s all I have right now That’s all I have to say


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