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Law enforcement agencies across the United States note the steady decline in the number of desperados still living in the states Desperados amongst women is nonexistent with a slight uptick of say .03 percent of teen-aged girls living with undocumented families of four or more in trailer parks acting as desperados Desperadoes in the Afro-American community specifically those males forty-five to sixty years of age wearing dark-colored hoodies size thirty-six through size forty-four are down sixty-five percent over just ten years ago The numbers of Latino desperados who are or were members of street gangs or who have a family member working in a meat processing plant or on a banana plantation in South America for ten or more years and vote Democrat consistently is down seventy-one percent Taken as a group Asian desperados regardless of country of origin working in Chinese hand laundries sushi bars or selling high-end fake Timex watches at a ridiculous discount from doorways and back alleys are holding steady due in part to the increase in rice production due to modern technology and the explosion of forced labor of school aged children in the rice paddies Stay alert There could be a desperado living in your neighborhood


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