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A – tiskit  A- taskit a green and yellow casket I sent a letter to my mommy  On the way I dropped it I dropped it Yes on my way I dropped it Clearly the child is distraught  It is not clear to this writer as to just what it was that she dropped Was it the casket or that incoherent poorly written letter to her drunken misguided mommy At any rate she goes on to say that a little girlie scooped it up and loaded it into her rocket her rocket Her green and yellow rocket The reader should note here that the colors green and yellow play a prominent place in  this narrative They obviously point to some past traumatic event that took place earlier in her young life yet to be uncovered Her known associates to date are Little Bo Peep Raggedy Ann and Rapunzel of the Tower If you see this person do not attempt to approach her She is considered armed and dangerous Unless of course you have with  you at the time a green and yellow basket a basket a green and yellow basket


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