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You might buy something new in Peru or injure your tibia in a remote part of Libya You might belch while visiting the Welch or bang your noggin in Copenhagen You could dance with someone name of Consuela in Venezuela You might give birth overnight in Perth or you could ask for directions to Cocomo from a friendly Eskimo You could spend a lovely day in uptown Taipei or play some tennis in the middle of Venus Be sure to lock you hotel door while in Ecuador or go look for a can of Spam in Nottingham or drink your fill any night in Brazil or you just might look grand in   a toga as you tour Ticonderoga You might feel a little rocky while dinning  in Nagasaki or you could meet some one named Saul in a bookstore in Nepal If you wanted you cold always call long distance to Sir Lanka from distant Casablanca You might risk hiding something up your sleeve in Tel Aviv or come down with dysphagia while touring through Asia They could detain ya in Tasmania Don’t get too racus in Caracas and don’t forget to brush your teeth and rinse everyday while in Florence and don’t eat anything raw in Bogota


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