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This then is the tale of The Hood Known as Robin of Hamming Knot Forest and his mariachi band of married men Jittle Lon Wille the Scar Fried Truck and Dalan Ale of The Mistrial But wait Now approaches Sir Dance a Lot all in white upon a black steed in a blue suit of armor with a nice looking pair of two tone loafers He doffs his lid But wait What light breaks through yon window pane and scatters before Hood’s very feet In steps Moe the Hebrew from the Land That is Kosher He speaks thusly Ever try to speak thusly It ain’t easy trust me Truly Or was it that he spake Truly thusly Oh what difference does it make This  is only Tuesday “Anybody here seen King Richard The One Who Has The Heart Of A Liar He owes me ten bucks for a pizza ” “Wait”  Shouts Made Mary clinging to a piece of wood flowing gently down the stream if you get my drift To be continued edited revised altered or shredded


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