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But wait cries Lord Flaunt LeRoy of Essex on fifty-second street waving a dill pickle Look whose here Eye tis me D’Art the Tan one A horse a horse My kingdom for a horse But sire your voice your voice is already hoarse shouted Tim the Tiny One of Assex on fifty-third street down the block across from the Chinese hand laundry Oh I guess I was just horsing around Sire I sure do like that candy bar you make with Arty Pathos and Adam of the Three Mouseketeers Hold thy tongue you knave Butt weight There appears Sir Glad Hand of the round Night Table How say thee Sir H How That’s how Replied Sir H Anyone here seen a knave a miscreant a rogue a rascal  a jackal perhaps or a GOP Tea Partier here abouts Are you referring to Abouts North Carolina or South Carolina sire Didn’t I tell you to hold your tongue But wait Now there appears Luke Warm Walker late of Sussex on fifty-fourth street two blocks down from the Chinese hand laundry across the street from the all night all right butcher shop whose motto is “You got the nerve We got the chops “Sorry I’m late ” said Lu W I’m lookin’ for a lone stranger on a white horse wearin’  a mask Wow A white horse wearin’ a mask shouted D’Art the Tan One Have a cough drop Ya look sort of ungabluzum To be extended reorganized dismantled or shut up in a chedder


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