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I’m not thinking about Janis Joplin The Beatles or Leon Redbone right now either I’m just thinking ahead of that final year I’m not concerned with wi-fi high-definition things digital burnt ends or  milk shakes No I’m just thinking of that last month I’m not given to considering wolf packs the vanishing African elephant the decline of the mountain gorillas or my gas mileage right now I’m just obsessed with that last week Right now I could care less about classical music a good bowl of hot soup a slab of ribs a lingering kiss a child’s laughter or a spare tire At this moment this minute I am consumed thinking of that last day I have no more thoughts on global warming credit cards poker or the NFL disk jockeys or Ray Charles I’m just thinking of that last hour I am unmoved about North Korea Donald Tump the price of a gallon of gas bird seed or planters warts or malaria the Hoover Dam or shoestrings I’m just thinking of you I”m just thinking ahead


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