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I don’t have a single thing to wire she sobbed hardly to herself as she was on loan to the Smithsonium in a lonely kind of a world Now she turned slowly in the night as do the gusts of winds that blow across the ghostly prairie as do the buffalo thundering mindlessly onward into an abyss animal after animal And then came the silence and then came radio and rick and role spread across the galaxies as do ice cubes that tumble into a martini glass And lowly she spurned in the night as do the coins that pass from hand to hand from passersby to beggars in cargo pants Dark clouds hide the ugliness man has created with God-like impunity with absolute immunity as swards clash upon the battlefields as do the bison that go headlong into an abyss butting into the pyramids spread across the ghostly sands of the desert and blowly she churned in the night as do the seas that roll to shore but yet the shore will not roll out to sea you see and that’s between just you and me Craters come and craters go and that has never been open for discusssion You can buy by the case or by the crate and that has always been the case just in case you want to know And nimbly she spewed to the right glass marbles upon the earth as from time memorable boots have tread the the ground and blood has spilled upon the land all around where the buffalo while in Italy are want to roam for that is destiny for that is fate and slowly she turned in the night


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