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Do you have a disability or a deformity Do you believe in a divinity or in equality Can you deal with electricity futility uncertainty instability or insanity Can you face reality or irregulariity Do you have likeability durability security government granted immunity or stabilty Are you an oddity a curiousity or in the majority Do you suffer a disability or are  you in the minority Do you know your capacity Ever recieve a gratuity  harmful publicity or unwanted noterity or a huge penality  Can you speak with clarity or with animosity with a strong sense of vitality Are you able to show pity  ever been in a mutiny or in a university Can you exibit flexibility Ever been caught with a technicality ever deal with adversity or inmaturity or with a liability or a lack of agility or of popularity or of visibility I must stop here I can’t continue I have lost all of my ability


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