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Are you at a total loss Are you just living day by day Do you feel you just can’t seem to get ahead Are you losing ground Are you in over your head Are you over whelmed  Do you have more than you can handle Do the days just seem to linger Does nothing seem right to you any more Are you up against it Are your nerves frayed out Are the odds against you you haven’t got a ghost of a chance so why bother just might as well give it all up Is that how you are feeling Does time seem to drag by day after day on and on Do you feel always picked on or that all the cards are stacked against you Do you think nobody understands you or cares about you Do you feel left out Do you feel lost and all alone Are you hanging by a thread Are you at loose ends Are you up to your neck in trouble Do you feel at a total loss Do you feel left out or out in the cold Are you beginning to fall behind Are you losing all hope Do things look bleak to you Do you feel depressed down and worn out Are you running out of steam Is everything in your life going wrong Is everybody against you or out to get you nobody seems to realize what it is that you are going through Do you ache all over Are you just barely living day-to-day Are you at wit’s end Are you in a living hell Does it just seem like everything is going wrong Do you wonder how much more of this can I take Do you feel like giving up throwing in the towel ending it all or calling it quits Do you feel like there is no end in sight or that’s there’s really no hope left at all Do you think that all of your luck has run out Are you coming to the end of the road sort of speak Go out and buy yourself a brand new pair of Buster Brown shoes and look better feel better



  1. Good idea! How better to hang one’s self than using a pair of “Buster” shoestrings?


    • GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU !!! I sent yau a email tother day I am so happy YOU ARE STILL ABOVE GROUND !!! Good job ‘ol chap Love yaze Michael


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