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Are you it Ever man a picket it or buy a ticket or hit a wicket It is in the back It is all over the newspapers It’s right there in front of you But I can’t see it I can’t feel it I can’t even hear it I think I lost it Can you send it over Toss it over hand it over Just get over it It doesn’t matter But just what is it It is not there I think I lost it But wait It is over there That’s Not it I can’t find it It was here a minute ago Bring it on Where can I buy it or sell it I’m telling you to move it shove it dump it Just hit it to me Just think of it It It is amazing It is huge It is cheap It is new Hey Tag you’re it


One Comment

  1. Or as a German would say: “Vas ist das?” And you would answer: “It is it!” 😉


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