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I think it rather strange I never heard a cowboy yell yippie yi yo ki yay Know what else I never seen an Indian with a beard either Matter of fact I have never seen a mailman with a beard And how do you decide which side of a slice of bread you’re going to butter Is one side better than the other side do you think Maybe it is just fate And do you know or even care just how many slices of bread there are in a loaf And why do they stick those two heels in the package What good are they Strange And did you ever see a left-handed coffee cup I think it rather strange Why don’t they make a bicycle that you can pedal backwards if you’d wanna Uh Why don’t they Strange don’t you think Sure it is And why don’t they make ice cream cones in different flavors And I have never encountered a square or rectangular door knob either Never Strange isn’t it You know if you are from Switzerland you’re Swiss If you are from Finland you’re a Fin If you are from Sweden that makes you a Swed But if you are from Norway you’re certainly not labeled a Nor Isn’t that a bit odd A bit strange Sure is to me If all of you are black and one of you turns up looking sort of white that person is an albino But if all of you are white and one of you looks too dark or black that person is treated vastly different than the rest of you While I am at it Why oh why didn’t the good Lord make corn on the cob square rather than round sos the butter wouldn’t slide off so easily I have to say I find that all very strange STRANGE STRANGE indeed


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