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What time would that be exactly  What if you are late you’re not on time  Can you be jolly some other time I myself have never been jolly Oh i have been happy a time or two i suppose I’ve even been gleeful and full of merriment I’ve been  I must confess delighted glad thrilled even full of good cheer upbeat  and mirthful now and then But like i said before I have never been jolly It seems to me that around  Christmas most people think  and speak of themselves as being jolly Is that some kind of Christian thing I was wondering So what if you are Buddhist or Muslum  or an atheist  Can you  be jolly too You know what I think I’ll go out and rejoyous 



  1. Did you know that Jolly is a derivative of Joyly…which was a contraction of Joylye; i.e., the pleasure experienced from washing things with soap you’ve made from a mixture of animal fat and sodium hydroxide?


    • No I sure didn’t know that Now that I have the information I feel as though my mind has been cleansed Mini thanks


      • And thank you for stimulating what’s left of my tiny sense of humor! 😉


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