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You could get a bit high during your stay in Dubai or watch the corn grow somewhere in Montenegro or you just might buy s fresh loaf of challah from some Jewish bakery in Guatemala or dine on a  can of sardines while in the Philippines or I suppose you could always call your momma from a hotel in Yokohama You might experience a long wait at the airport in Kuwait or you could play the tuba during your stop in Cuba I can guarantee you you won’t ever freeze in Buenos Aires and you just might hear a record by Paul Anka singing while touring in Casablanca I wonder if you could buy a bottle of milk of magnesia anywhere in Polynesia Maybe you might dig up a silver tray long-buried in Pompeii or go on a lark in the heart of Denmark They say that the trains run faster in Lancaster and watch out you need to avoid that vast sink hole in downtown Sevastopol Things might look rather soupy in Guadalupe I hear one can have a ball most nights in Senegal I think it is too soon to travel to Kowloon


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