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It’s i before e or a except during the month of May when all riders are allowed to ride free except for grandmothers born before the great Buddha lost his glasses and turned toward the masses It is critical that you brush you teeth even when it reaches 103 degress celsus during Ramadan if there is time left on the clock in a buthcer shop in uptown Bombay where cows are allowed to stray in the middle of the day Let us bow our heads and give tanks to those in need of retooling for they know not when their books are due or how best to close ranks and I assure you I am not fooling All this may ot may not cause diruption amongst the downtrodden yet no one speaks to the needs of the uptrodden which seems to remain upside down across the board all over town in all cases where you have corruption inside of the British Empire witch one could argue mind you no longer exists due to foreign trade embargos and I am sure that many of you are fully aware of how that goes even though you may or may not own a stitch of clothes So in passing in summary or in autumry in conclusion all this has been and still is nothing more than a grand illusion


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