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Have you ever seen an American Indian wearing glasses or one with a beard Ever see a short tall person  Did you ever know that Christopher Columbus never rode a motorcycle Did you ever in your life know that  every cob of corn regardless of its size always has a egual row of kernels Did you ever realize that you could cut down a tree in the forest using only dental floss if you have enogh time and a lot of floss Did you ever realize that tap water does not actually  tap Did you ever know that the Domican Republic spelt backwards makes no sense at all Well I swan Did you ever been aware of  how wonderful it is live on this planet replet with all the marvelous technology that we have to-day and all of those inventions and gadgets that are at our disposal Do you realize that you can virulally visit any restauant of your choosing and nearly always find a dumbwaiter  Did you ever


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