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You don’t want to miss this one It’s a two and a half story deluxe hovel The other half is buried underground in New Mexico  All hovels feature an indoor shark tank and a really nice cess pool The Florida models all have inclosed fire-proof launch pads Always a fun feature on the Fourth If you act to-day we’ll throw in a sound proof padded cell Perfect for all you deviates and psychos out there Remember a hovel is novel You’re artistic autistic or arthritic We don’t care No one is perfect Make your mark on the loan papers this month we’ll install a Coca Cola vending machine along side a decorative attractive Firestone tire rack right on the front lawn Don’t delay act to-day You don’t have to grovel when you live in a hovel

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  1. Absolutely marvelous! But I’m wondering if it might be possible to install a weed dispenser instead of a coke machine? Also would prefer a firearm (instead of firestone) rack. Anyway, just let me know where to make my mark! Can’t wait to get a exciting new version of Noah’s Fartk! (oops, did I spell that right?!


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