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It’ s raining Two males caught somewhere along the evolutionary chain are hunkered down eating a raw piece of dinosaur Cooking hasn’t been invented yet They walk upright now they form groups and they are beginning the process of socializing and intercommunication The first male says to the other one ” Boy I sure wish I had a bottle of catsup right now



  1. And the second mate’s response: “What have you been drinking lately? You actually think you’re eating a piece of raw dinosaur? Hummm, let’s see…as I recall the last time they were seen here on earth was around 63 million years ago. So, are you sure you need catsup? Or maybe instead just use a bit of that gooey stuff that’s dripping out of what’s left of your fuzzy little brain?” They both laughed a bit,then went back to work (using stones mostly) trying to free themselves from that darn ‘evolutionary chain’ that they were dangling from.


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