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1. Fourteen different sandwiches Charles Lindberg made and ate during his maidan voyage to Paris 2. Thirty-seven full color photos of the Ozark Mountains taken from a eight-hundred mile high angle shot at dawn  3.  How to remove the plastic sheathing from copper wire using only a pair of toe nail clippers and a serrated jelly knife 4.  Cambell’s Premier Cannibal soup recipes with or without bones and or other extraineous matter  5.  Step by step instructions on how to build a thirty foot long full masted sailing boat in your basement  6.  Twenty-nine boxed cereals not safe to feed to your dog and why  7.  Eighteen letters written by left handed Lansing prison inmates now seeking an extension on an early release legislation pending on a early release provision  provided for passage on a local state and federal bases


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  1. It’s weird but for some reason I can still remember the 18 letters those left-handed inmates sent to the IRS. Check ’em out and see if I’m right–or left any out: GropeFintCalbuzvym


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