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So there you are driving through your lost kingdom when suddenly you stop to have a quick look-see checking for termites love bites staged boxing sites So what if there never was a lost kingdom in the first place Now in second place comes Bayonne New Jersey and all the King’s men can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again Can you Would you My kingdom for a burger for man has no greater glory than to order up order inside and take all nature of things aside Do not lose stride Love is all abyiding it sustains ones self even in the harshest of times Trust me By the light of the silvery spoon Doesn’t matter where you are or if it is March April or June or at  high noon in far off Rangoon Sorry sir you’ll have to catch the very next ride It’s onward march towards Pretoria towards theWaldorf Astoria I deeply emplore ya



  1. It feels as though you’re writing two or more pieces and have not finished either? Can you explain? The first part needs conclusion–it’s good.


  2. I would never have thought this would be your last…until hearing today that you’ve recently passed. So what can I say? Only this: You are the man…in countless ways…who has brilliantly composed so many words that have ‘Made my Day.’ You will be missed…and in ways more than I can say.


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