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Time wounds all heels


It is obvious that who ever wrote those words was an evil person hiding a dark agenda To what end one can only speculate In my judgement it would have been far more open more honest and much more  clearer to the young innocent naive reader to simply state that there were in actual  fact a total of twenty-four crows involved in this outlandish tale The devious cunning author should have been banished from all of literature and sent to the tombs  for all eternity

Here’s just one small beautiful line with just a few easy to understand words taken directly from one of most favorite songs ever written : My Bonnie leaned over the gas tank It’s contents she wanted to see I lit a match to assist her Oh bring back my Bonnie to me Pardon me for a moment please while I wipe away the tears

Here’s an old Chinese proverb as true to-day as i was way back then :  Many men smoke but few men chew

A major producers of men’s socks has just introduced three pairs of men’s  dress socks for nine dollars each monogrammed with the words left sock stitched on all the left socks and right sock stitched on each of the right socks Just the ticket for all of those men who can’t tell their right foot from their left foot

NASA Newly released transcript from the Apollo moon landing July 11 1969 Neil Armstrong has  just set foot on the moon for mankind the first time ever He takes a few steps looks around and says (now listen closely) “Where the hell is everybody anyway “

From Memphis Tennessee police report that vandals high on illegal drugs have stolen a parked and locked Buick twenty zero one four door hatch back leaving only the four tires behind Previously three bicycles minus their tires have been reported missing through out the city Police deduce that this is an obvious esclating protest against curb side scheduled trash removal from Friday to Saturday

Wilmington  Delaware This morning the Wilmington police department issued a communique stating that two local residences located on the seven hundred block of Ashley Corners next door to each other have mysteriously gone missing The Trump administration has quickly twitted that this has to be the work of those Utah Mormons  them or those anti- Trump voters in New Hampshire A  late day news report reported late in the day

Mother Earth is composed mainly of seven continents Everyone knows that right That’s a fact A given That’s a reality So it’s highly likely that if you are on Planet Earth and you are a resident a space traveler a visitor or a passer by makes no matter if you prefer chocolate over vanilla or you love  cotton candy or you don’t you are still standing on a continent and that’s a fact Jack So in otherwords you are expeirencing a natural phenominon known the world over as in or on a cntinent or coninents as the case may be

It’ s raining Two males caught somewhere along the evolutionary chain are hunkered down eating a raw piece of dinosaur Cooking hasn’t been invented yet They walk upright now they form groups and they are beginning the process of socializing and intercommunication The first male says to the other one ” Boy I sure wish I had a bottle of catsup right now