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This week’s sales special : A life-sized Mickey Mantel robot in full uniform for just five-hundred dollars It doesn’t bat very well but for just four-hundred ninety-five dollars why not I mean occasionally it will hit a limp home run if all the controls are properly lined up If the sun is shining there’s no rain Mickey might automatically argue with the closest umpire Peanuts Cracker Jax pretzels and hot dogs are not encluded


All was still And the still was full to capacity  clear to Canyon City While all around there were those things that appeared wilted When suddenly from out of nowhere came nothing and the silence came crashing down in a mantle of darkness which fell all about and cloaked him in a vague obscure mist One could only surmise at the color of his eye When at last he spoke he said nary a word and the library was closed till further notice Some took notice and wandered how far further was Some said it was over yonder and fell over dead  When suddenly from out of the blue I think it was blue There was all this vague obscure mist which/that? came rolling in from Trinidad  and all around those around grew sad Some grew oranges Ever try to grow sad It is very difficult you know How tall does this sad grows Oh I doan know Not tall At all I sad Rather it spreads out it envelopes it incases it cloaks it hides it surrounds one sometimes two In the twink of an eye Oops pardon me please I think I have a twink in my eye Call for the doctor and the doctor done said feed that boy red-hot peppers instead Instead of what someone said And the doctor done fell over dead When suddenly there came a knock upon the floor and the Frenchman shouted in a measured whisper “je t’adore ” so that’s what I did you see I shut the door When suddenly I began to ramble and I picked up the preamble when what I really wanted was a new handle and maybe a new Gretel or an old kettle some heavy metal and a picture of Mickey Mantle The guy next to me down the street wanted a pitcher of beer and lo FedX sent him a picture of a deer Weight Time out I’m out of here If you want more maybe something will eventually wash up upon the shore down by the old mill stream where Niagara falls